0.3.1 Changes

Hello there ! 

So BeatTheBot.exe got a small change,

Which repositioned the player (X,Y,Z) and also the the speed,

And also let's talk about the menu, yes, the music is loud (Menu + In=game) that will be changed in '0.4'

And i will adjust the speed both the AI and Player, The AI Difficulty is set from the speed of the bot

The Impossible AI Cannot be beaten, "Why" you may ask ? Read the name ;)

So i will leave this laying down here.


BeatTheBotWindows.rar 19 MB
Jul 21, 2017
BeatTheBotMac.rar 30 MB
Jul 21, 2017
BeatTheBotLinux.rar 32 MB
Jul 21, 2017

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